Worry-free registration

Handling entry forms used to be such a chore. No more. Using one of our chosen online registration vendors is a fast, easy, and secure way to collect information and fees. The tools are affordable, intuitive, and flexible enough to handle most any type of event registration. And when paired with our timing services, online registration lets you focus on putting on a quality race while leaving the paperwork to the experts.

Get started

If you would like more information about online registration for your race, add your race to our calendar and tick the "Online registration" box, or complete the form below. You will be contacted by our our representative with the vendor you choose who will work with you to set up the registration form for your race.

If you don't have a preference on vendors, a SignMeUp representative will contact you, or you can choose 'Undecided/No Preference' from the list and we will contact you to discuss the vendor options.

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Why online?

Lower fees

Most of our chosen vendors charge the lowest fees around for online registration, although each of them sets their fee structure up differently. For example, SignMeUp's fees are: $1.30 per registration and 4.9% per Paypal or credit card transaction. You can choose whether to pay these fees or to pass them on to the participant.

Free entry of mailed-in forms

Type the hard copy forms you receive directly into any of the online registration platforms. All your entries will be in one location with no additional cost.

Easy setup

Our vendor representative will set up your account for you to help insure that you will be collecting the information you need.

You will also receive a personalized training session to get you familiar with the features of the system.

Automatic download of timer database

We can work directly with your registration data to ensure a smooth transition from registration to results. No more headaches or scrambling the week of the race to get your database formatted for the race timer.

Quick reports

A quick summary report is available to get an overview of your registrations at any time, which can include a comparison with last year's data. You can also set up any type of report based off the information you have collected.

Registration confirmation

Participants can ensure that they are entered in your race and that their information is correct. Less last-minute changes and worried phone calls.

Email your participants

All of your participants are just an email away! With just a couple quick steps, you can reach them as a group to notify them of rule changes, make weather-related announcements, give a post-race "thank you", and more.

No outside marketing

None of our chosen vendors will market merchandise, subscriptions or other items to your participants. Nor do they sell your participant data.

Social media integration

Be seen. Easily publish your event to Facebook. Social sharing options for your participants.